Financing & Acquisition

Financing and Private Funding solutions for solar and renewable energy projects worldwide.

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Solar Panels  - Residential, Commercial, Wholesale

Financing solutions for Renewable Energy Projects worldwide

If you are looking for a financing solution or for an equity partner for a floating solar project or any other renewable energy project, please contact us by email at with a short executive summary of your project and our financing & acquisition specialist will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that the funding solutions are provided by our funding capital partner and that we will only consider project of 10 million dollars or more.

Financing Solutions for Homeowners (USA & Canada)

Financing is available to individuals and homeowners in USA and Canada for the purchase and installation of solar panels and solar systems (Residential usage). Click here to get more information about the solar financing available in USA and that is being taken care of by our commercial partner. You can also contact us if you need a financing solution for Solar Panels or Renewable Energy projects.


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